Final Studio Exhibit at CityLab

The final studio exhibit will be at CityLab

505 Central Ave.

December 5, 2012


Tim Castillo  + Jode Lawrence ::

The studio developed a multimodal transit station [MTS] in north Albuquerque/Rio Rancho.  Each student’s project investigates new strategies for mass transit and the development of a new civic environment for the urban context of Rio Rancho.

Roger Schluntz + Cory Greenfield ::

The studio investigated the development of an intermodal transit hub/terminus for the BRT/light rail at the eastern terminus of Lomas Blvd at the intersection of Tramway Blvd. Each student developed a variety of mixed-use programs that support the neighborhood as a new and viable community center, serving as a “gateway” for the Sandia Mountain recreation area.

Jorge Colon ::

The studio created architectural facilities that create a sense of civic identity and awareness at an urban scale. Each  studio member was asked to re-consider the City of Albuquerque, and to leverage existing assets, networks, and underutilized space present in the city.